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Firstly, I'd like to say: Thank you Marvel and DC for starting the biggest 'male power/female power' war ever.

Seriously though. I consider myself a feminist on this issue as I believe that the needless pandering (why is there no better word than this? It has been used in every argument ever!) is degrading comics. Don't even get me started on impractical armor.

But then I found this:…

These are the truest words ever spoken/written. And they explain the root of my problem. The fact that people buy these books and that the artists/writers even put them in is because of this problem! They see the women in the comics as objects, not characters. Their character development begins and ends with boobs (in some cases >cough, Starfire!, cough< more literally than others). I'm not getting into the 'just fat' thing, cuz that's kind of stupid. Instead, I'm taking up a new (for me) argument. 

Women- fictional or not- are not and never will be defined by their bodies. 

I miss the days of loving Starfire for being an alien on a strange planet with strange customs. (Teen Titans (2003) rocks!) Not to mention that I (as a not-exactly-a-supermodel physique) cannot cosplay anyone. Except maybe three girls. And even if I could, only about a dozen in Marvel and DC meet my standards of propriety (which are high, I admit).

So I say this: girls are more than their bodies, please treat them as such. To paraphrase above article: Boys, control yourselves better and I won't have to fear that wearing a tank top will get me in serious trouble.

Thank you.


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I love drawing and recently got back to drawing semi-not quite-realistic style!
Most of the things I draw or write are either OCs or inspired from OC stories that I adapted to my stories. Specifically my Marvel and DC OCs.
Hobbies:drawing, reading, dr who, naruto, atla, marvel comics, young justice, soul eater, baccano, various other epic fandoms....

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So.... I've not been on DA in a while... and unfortunately no guarantee that I will be again in a while. I'm trying, but school is kicking my butt.
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Nice. I love the contrast between the in-focus shadows and the rest of the body, well done.
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